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The "Società pesarese di studi storici" is an open, non profit making association, whose purpose is to promote the historical research and study of Pesaro and its region. The review “Studi pesaresi”, edited in Italian by the Società, is sent to the members; it is also forwarded to the most important Italian libraries.

Foreign scholars' papers and proposals for academic cooperation are welcome.
You may join the association by completing in the application form and sending the fee (40,00 Euros) payable by cheque or bank remittance to "Società pesarese di studi storici", account no. 108533, agency Pesaro Centro of Banca di Pesaro (Iban: IT15T 08826 13303 000000 108533; Swift ICRAITRRMY0).

For further information please apply to Ms Francesca Gallinari ( f.gallinari@intercontact.it ).

Pesaro is situated on the Italian Adriatic. A colonia civium Romanorum from 184 b.C., it was a town of the Byzantine pentapolis following the fall of the Western empire. During the Middle Ages it was a free commune under Papal high sovereignty. Later, as a mediate subjecta, it was ruled by the seigneurs Malatesta, the Sforza and the Della Rovere, dukes of Urbino. Directly ruled by the Holy See since 1631, it was the main town of the apostolic legation of Urbino and Pesaro, thus a province of the Papal States. In 1860 it was occupied by the Piedmontese troops and annexed to the kingdom of Italy.

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